11e District has developed an innovative interactive video concept for the arts and culture sector

We provide a hosted format in which the viewer is not alone in a virtual space but accompanied by on-camera experts (gallerists, artists, exhibition curators, etc.) who speak directly to viewers, guiding them through the exhibit and presenting the works to them.


The experience feels like a private guided tour in which visitors are active participants thanks to the various opportunities for interaction presented to them.

Some examples of our work:

This original and dynamic format allows you to make your artworks remotely accessible and create a powerful bond with your viewers by offering them a personalized, highly engaging experience.

Showcase your collections or exhibits in a video that viewers can interact with, allowing them to freely design their own viewing itineraries, with the option to delve deeper into the subjects that interest them.

Lots of user-friendly interactive options

• The ability to interact with the artworks, even while the video is playing.

• Ongoing tracking of the sequences already viewed by each visitor, making it possible to tailor the choices offered to them.

• Interactions with elements outside the video: access map, viewing rooms, etc.


2D zoom and 3D interactivities:
Click here to access a demonstration video

Easy to use

• A navigation bar integrated into the video, making it easy to move forward and backward through the sequences.

• Optimized video compression to ensure smooth streaming.

Potential users

Museums, exhibition sites, or cultural heritage sites that wish to offer a digital experiential tour of their permanent or temporary exhibits, which visitors can enjoy from their own computers, tablets, or smartphones.

Art galleries or art fairs that wish to present their artworks to collectors who are geographically distant or unable to travel.

Our approach

Narrative is at the heart of the development of our projects. We believe the interactive elements should serve the narrative and not the other way around.

We can create new interactive capabilities based on the specific needs of each project.

We’re not tied to any pre-defined format. Each customized video has its own narrative structure and is produced in close collaboration with you.

At 11e District, you can always count on stylish cinematography and tight editing. They are the hallmarks of our reputation.

11e District is an audiovisual production company with recognized expertise in the production of audiovisual narratives of top-notch esthetic quality. 11e District has made videos for Netflix, le groupe M6, L’Oréal, LVMH, Ubisoft, Air France and many others..


Deauville Festival Green Awards: Silver Award in the Innovation category, 2019

International Corporate Film Festival – La Baule: Award for Best Cinematography, 2017 and for Best Original Music, 2015


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